"You awaken to the answer of the question Who am I?"

Everything I publish about can be categorized by the word "Spirituality". However within the range of what is called spirituality you find a lot more then what I publish and educate about. To get more clarification what spirituality really is about, it could therefore better to ask, what should spirituality lead to?

The practice of spirituality leads to a higher state of consciousness. At first you become more aware of the world within you, your internal world. The consequence of this, is that you also become more aware of your external world, the World in which we live. This process of awareness brings you closer to the moment of awakening of who you are in your deepest essence, who you truly are.

Who am I? is the most essential question in life you can ask yourself, because all other questions can be derived from that single one.

"It is my mission to bring awareness to as many people as possible on the path towards being your Self and living a more conscious life. Thereby creating a more peaceful and sustainable World."

The development of consciousness from a young age. The masks of the ego.

"The development of consciousness as an individual is different for everybody, but at the same time we all go through the same stages in life."

As an infant we enter the World with a latent consciousness, whereby we slowly open our eyes and become conscious of our surroundings. (Side-note: we should really not underestimate what we already experience as a fetus and in our pre-verbal phase. More about this, please watch the film "In Utero".)

In the first months we cling ourselves to our mother for protection to gain enough confidence and trust that it is safe to set our first steps in this World, into society.

When we got a little bit used how this World goes about, we are ready to start our own adventure, our life. We as a child develop ourselves by learning social skills and we start creating our own personality, our sense of individuality, our ego. Untill the moment that we have to find our true identity, our ego gives us the freedom and protection to explore the World behind a mask. Our created identity gives us the masks to be whoever we want to be, our idols and superheroes, those who we need as support to move ahead in our adventure.

We become older, being an adolescent and feel more and more freedom and strength to choose our own directions, beliefs and opinions. Our parents and institutions (f.e. school) are starting to be less influential on us and everything we do not like we reject, criticize and fight. It is time to leave our safe surroundings and start to stretch our boarders and see what is more out there. We go traveling to other countries, experience different cultures and people.

Once back in our former surroundings, we often feel, we have changed. The former surroundings do not match anymore with who we are now, after traveling. We have lost some of our conditioning and learned new things about ourselves. We might not yet know who we truly are, but we do find out that who we thought we were, is not corresponding anymore. We start to have serious doubts about our identity and get into an identity-crisis.

The spiritual journey, the travel inwards. The awakening.

The "crisis of identity" is the start of our new travel. Not again to a new country or culture, but this time the travel inwards. The travel to find out "who we really are". The spiritual journey to find the answer to the fundamental question: Who am I?

It is the start of our awakening. The awakening of our consciousness. The experience of becoming more conscious of who you truly are and how you really relate to the World around you. To reveal the reality behind all the former masks. To find the authenticity in your life.

For other people the travel inwards starts because of other crisis like depression, divorce, lose of loved ones or failures. Or we have to admit that although we possess everything we wanted, we still do not feel peace, satisfied and complete.

The crisis shakes our fundamental believes about ourselves and our reality to the core and forces you to have doubts about everything which was certain for you till then.

This new inward-travel can be "the best of times, worst of times" kind of experience. Sometimes we feel euphoric and feel we have reached our destiny (we know who we are), on other moments we have no idea how to live with ourselves, we feel depressed and hopeless. We suffer.

But the suffering has a meaning, it creates depth within ourselves. The suffering brings us closer to ourselves and forces us to detach from our identification with ego, that which we have build since we were a child. Through this process of de-identification, which means the separation between consciousness and thoughts, our true identity, can slowly rise up and take its place as our true identity.

It may be clear that to arrive at our deepest essence we must confront ourselves with everything that we thought we believed to be true. We have to dare to have fundamental doubts about our believes, values, opinions and question them again and again. This is not always an easy process, because our social environment does not necessarily has to respond positive to our inner changes.

However with the changes within ourselves, our external environment changes also. New people will come on our path. People who do support the positive change that we made and who match our renewed believes, values and opinions. These people are resonating with who you are now and support you to live your life according to your new found truth.


Being your true Self.

The goal of the spiritual journey is to be your true Self. That which you have always been, but which was hidden behind the veil of the identification with your ego. Your ego has been in charge for a while, but now it is time to be your Self again and live life according to your truth and towards your greatest potential.

Being your Self is the end result of your inner-journey, into your inner-world. It is not the end of living your life in the outer-dimension, your outer-world. As your Self you now live your life in the World more conscious and create everything according to your new state of consciousness. By doing that you are living your life-mission and you contribute to creating a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Moving beyond the ego is the most important goal of our individual life as human beings on this planet in these times. It is the next step in our evolution as humanity. We move altogether from ego-identity towards being our true Self. That collective movement is reflected in our World by the formation of a new society, which lives more in balance with nature, connected to other human beings and supporting each individual to grow.


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