"My moment of Spiritual Awakening."

"I was 22 when I was introduced to the word "Spirituality" for the first time. The reason was that I was introduced to the spiritual book: "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield. At that moment the book was an eye-opener for me. I read about energy, awareness and the perception of reality. Reading this book was the precursor for my first "spiritual experience" a few months later...

It is the autumn of 2007 and I am back from my adventure in Beijing, China and backpacking with friends through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. My spiritual experience comes to me as a moment of "Awakening", what is called "Satori" in the ancient Zen-tradition. I am sitting in the public-bus from my house to Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. Out of nowhere I experience a very clear distance or "space" between me and my thoughts. I experience myself as if I am the observer of myself. In that experience I also realize very clearly that I am not my thoughts. I am not who I think I am, I am the space around the thoughts, I am the consciousness behind it. From that moment I know that I am more than just my thoughts, my conditioned mind, my ego.

To get a better understanding of this experience I read the book of Eckhart Tolle "The New Earth". By that I learn how to understand my experience into a wider context and I also get insight in what is the "purpose" of this experience of expanded consciousness of who you truly are.

That space, that awareness, has never left me from that moment. It is always there, sometimes in the forefront, sometimes in the background. But to fully release myself from my conditioning, my ego, my mind, my thinking, has been much more like a process. A process of being more identified with my thoughts again and being thought-less as a clear space of pure consciousness.

To deepen my consciousness and to de-identify with my conditioning even more I followed courses on everything related to spirituality f.e. meditation (Mindfulness), yoga (Yin), NLP and experienced entheogens like Ayahuasca.

Since then there have 10 years passed in this process and I have become more and more conscious and got a better understanding of what happened at that time and what this means to all of us human beings and how we live our lives on this planet Earth, in these times."


About me.

I was born (15th of October 1984, Libra) in Seoul, South-Korea and was adopted as a ten months year old baby by my parents from The Netherlands. I grew up in a large family of six children in a small village on the country-side. Currently I am living in Amsterdam. The vibrant and multicultural aspect of Amsterdam attracted me.

In 2007 (22 years) I moved to Beijing, China for an internship of six months. During this half year I returned to South-Korea for the first time and visited the orphanage I spent the first few months of my life. They have also checked if they could start a search for my biological-parents but there is not enough information to do that, which I am in peace with.

In 2017 I decided to quite my job as a business-manager in the corporate world and follow my heart to become a speaker, trainer and coach in spirituality, helping people to live a more "conscious live" according to their deepest essence. Since then I blog, vlog, give lectures and am building an online-community to reach as many people as possible for their awakening.

Deepening - studies

The past 10 years have been all about integrating my spiritual insights into my own practical daily life and cultivating my consciousness. Besides continuous self-study (observation) I have also done several courses shown below.

Besides the Master Philosophy of Management & Organizations (2011, pre-master Philosophy) I am a certified NLP Practitioner & Master, certified Life-coach & Motivational coach and Yin-Yoga & Mindfulness-teacher.

I have studied the work of Eckhart Tolle, Hegelian Dialectics, Daoïsm, right-left brain hemisphere psychology (Iain McGilchrist - The Master and his emissary, Jill Bolte Taylor - My stroke of insight), Joseph Campbell (A Hero with a thousand faces) and Western-philosophy, especially ethics and morality.

Furthermore I have experience with regression (inner child), Ayahuasca (entheogens), Buddhist silence-retreats, Yoga Nidra and several NLP & Mindset-techniques.

My daily spiritual practice consist of 30 minutes of Mindfulness-practice every morning and every night Yoga Nidra for 30 minutes before sleep (connecting with the energetic body).

My life mission.

Since my own development (33 years old now) has come into more "still water". I want to focus my attention more on others. For that reason I see it as my mission to assist as many people as possible in their life-paths, the process of becoming more conscious and to be who they really are and live their life from there, in alignmentwith their personal life-mission.

Life has a meaning, it is not random and by coincidence, but it has a plan. The underlying plan of your life you may not be conscious of at this moment, but you can become conscious of it. By practicing spirituality you gain more and more insight into this plan, resulting in finding your true identity and mission in life.

The more people are living their life being who they really are, the more conscious the society is we all create together. Therefore I believe creating a better and sustainable world, starts with you as an individual becoming conscious.

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"It is my mission to bring awareness to as many people as possible on the path towards being your Self and living a more conscious life. Thereby creating a more peaceful and sustainable World."

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