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Agenda & Tickets

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Lezing   Thursday 29 Nov 2018 from 8:00 PM till 10:00 PM

"How to be your Self?"

Amsterdam, Buitenveldert

€ 47.00

"How to be your Self?" is the title of the interactive lecture by which you learn what it means to be your Self, your deepest essence and how to become this?

The word Self is mostly known by the Piramid of Maslow. According to Maslow Self-actualization, Self-realization or later called Self-transcendence is the highest form of human-development. It is the ultimate goal every human being is consciously or unconsciously searching for. 

After a personal crisis when I was 22 years old I chose consciously to search for finding my deepest essence, my Self. For 10 years I have searched continously for a lasting feeling of freedom, serenity and living my full potential. To find this I have read a lot of books, experimented, philosophize, meditation, traveled, worried, cried and fought, but now is the time to share everything with you. 

During this lecture I will share all my personal insights and experiences which I gained through my journey and all my knowledge about spirituality and philosophy, mindfulness and meditation, NLP, psychology and neuro-science. 

+ What is the Self.
+ The psychology of being yourself.
+ How to be your Self.
+ How to find more innerpeace and happiness.
+ How to live your greatest potential.
+ What is the meaning or purpose of life.

So buy your tickets now and save yourself 10 years of searching! ;)

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Experiences of others:

Last week I had the chance to attend Roelof's interactive lecture about changing people's lives by helping them find their true selves. Starting with his own story, own journey he engaged the audience and speaking from experience made all his words authentic. The meditation exercises were great and it was nice to hear at the end that everyone in the room had different experiences with the same exercise. Keep up the good work! - Eniko Hadnagy

Roelof is a keen speaker, who is highly motivated to help you and guide you to improve and become more aware. Not only has he knowledge from various disciplines and techniques (like philosophy, NLP and yoga), but also practical experience from his personal life, which makes his sessions go beyond some general story and thus more relevant to your own situation. He offers very practical advice and methods, for example different meditations. I have had several interactions with Roelof and each time I left with some new insight about myself (that I could further explore) or task to focus on. In his lecture, as well as his other sessions, Roelof is both educative and attentive, while simultaneously not afraid to ask critical questions and challenge you. Combined this makes for a very insightful experience! - Daniel Schaap

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Stay connected from now on and receive your free eBook: "How to become conscious?"